What I’ve Learned From Three Days At College

Hello again, folks! I have been absent lately because I just moved into my college dorm and it’s been a chaotic week. Turns out college is just a bunch of waiting in lines and climbing stairs. I’m going to have unbelievable patience and buns of steel by the end of the month. I don’t have a lot of time, so I’m keeping this post brief and I haven’t gotten to plan it out, so I apologize in advance for the disorganization.

In three days of college, I have learned the following:

1. Silence is not an effective method of social networking.
2. If you don’t want to walk from the front desk of your residence hall to your room carrying two rolls of toilet paper, out there for everyone to see, be sure to bring a bag when you go to replenish your t.p supply.
3. No matter how well advertised your university’s food is, it will not exceed, or sometimes even meet your standards.
4. Everyone seems to think that all college kids ever eat is cheese or pepperoni pizza
5. Walking across campus will always take longer than expected.
6. Not all residence halls are created equal
7. It is entirely possible to discover standing water within your shower’s drain within the first two days of college
8. Alone time feels infinitely more sacred when you live with a roommate and two suitemates, even if your roomie and suitemates are pretty damn cool
9. The R.A may forget to tell you how to get ahold of him
10. People actually expect you to memorize your university email address even though the only thing it’s proven itself good for is notifying you of financial aid issues that you don’t actually have
11. Finding private time to journal is as difficult as finding a trace of logic in Donald Trump’s campaign speeches
12. Colleges love to throw around the word ‘mandatory’ a lot when referring to events that they have no way of holding you accountable for attending

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